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Verified Key Strengths
Our company was established in 2008. Currently, our clients mainly in South America,Domestic Market,North America. Hope to work with you.
We have established strict quality control procedure and check systems, and our products have ce certificate(s).
We have established strict quality control procedures and check systems, we have QC on all of our production lines.
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Supplier Assessment Report(s)
  • Report-1Period valid: Aug.2017 - Aug.2018
    Audited by:
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    Relationship With Gold Supplier: Self-owned
    Business Type: Combined
    Industry: Sports and Entertainment

    Swimming and Diving Products (Swimming Goggles, Swim Cap, Earplugs, Nose Clip, Silicone Beach Shoes, Waterproof Phone Case, Divi....

    No. of Employees: 101 - 200 People
    No. of International Trading Staff: 8 People
    Total Building Size: 5714 Square meters
    Office Size: 500 Square meters
    Annual Revenue(last year): confidential
    To see revenue generated by region, please download and view the full report.
    Annual Production Capacity(Previous Year): Swimming Goggles 1,200,000 pcs, Swim Cap 500,000 pcs, Diving Mask 300,000 pcs, Swimming Pants 650,000 pcs, Earplugs 2,000,000 pcs
    For more details on this supplier's production capacity, please download and view the full report.
    Product Certification: CE
    No. of QA/QC Inspector(s): 8 People

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Main Product Lines Verification Report(s)
  • Main Product Lines Verification Report(s)
    Report-1Period valid: Aug.2017 - Aug.2018
    Audited by:
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